¿QUÉ ES SALA DĀNA? – English

About Sala Dāna

Sala Dāna is a donation based center of meditation, Buddhism, yoga and mindfulness located in the heart of Madrid, Spain.

Founded in the summer of 2019, we were a group of meditators who met weekly in the Madrid flat of Jim Forbes. After a three year long search, we found a local that had that special thing we wanted: Clear span. Led by Jim, the space was legally converted to a Public Gathering Space and is now a beautiful spiritual sanctuary in the middle of a busy metropolis. It is managed by Jim and Nacho Duque and a group of volunteers.

Besides daily classes in yoga and meditation, Sala Dāna has a lending library and once the threat of Covid 19 passes, we will re-open our tea station!

We currently are offering two meditation classes in English each week. One on Wednesday at 20h and one on Sunday at 19:30. You can RSVP for all our sessions at: https://www.meetup.com/Madrid-Meditation-Meetup/

sala at an angle